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Updated: Nov 14, 2020

It is still Spring here and we have been enjoying summer weather. The birds and flowers are busy and probably confused.

I spend most of my free time (which isn't much) in my garden tending my vege garden, flowers and fruit trees. There's a heap of work to do, but we are reward with delicious fruit and fresh vegetables.

Writing is a great way to escape into another world, away from the madness I seen on the news each night on TV, and a troubled world .

Just as a reader might find oblivion in a book, so can a writer. We are able to invent our own world. If we write about sweet romance, that, too is an escape for many people. I Currently pen crime mysteries, but they also can have positive endings and give a sense of satisfaction when the "badies" are caught and justice is served, or redemption and forgiveness are offered to an undeserving felon.

My aim is to entertain, encourage and educate others about the themes in my novels. I know that I have served my purpose when I receive comments on social media or uplifting reviews.

Please take the time to write a review after you've read my books, as this is how I learn whether I'm hitting the mark or not. I also appreciate the encouragement.


Did you know that Book Depository will ship your books worldwide for free?

They often have sales promotions for my books.

Check out my novels on their website HERE

I published three books in lockdown during the winter- two novels and my first children's book. The new standalone series I am currently writing called Ann Grieves Mysteries is going well. The first in the series, Murder In The Band Room is on sale in Ebook and Paperback format from online retailers. You will find these in my Bookstore. The second book in the series is in its final stages of preparation and will be released this month.

Last Ferry To Gulf Harbour has also been a joy to write. I have found it as entertaining as I would reading another author's book to my liking.

If you would like to keep in touch about my upcoming books and promotions, don't forget to sign up to my mailing list on this website.

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  • Patricia Snelling

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Winter has well and truly set in on this side of the planet. But with it comes its joys too. We're planning a trip to the mountains in the far south again very soon and have already been out shopping for those thermal long-johns.

I have been busy writing a new Cozy Mystery series called the Ann Grieves Mysteries. The first one, Murder In The Band Room is due for release this month. I'm always reluctant to give a firm date because something will undoubtedly come in the way. Although I started out writing Romantic Suspense, I also enjoy mysteries with a twist, so I'm having lots of fun with this stand-alone series.

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  • Patricia Snelling

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Well ... I'd like to call this entry "Post Covid", but I'M afraid to say it's not the case yet here in NZ. We have been 24 days free of any reported infections until yesterday when the news reported three new infections. Plus I hear from all around the world some countries are right in the midst of a huge battle. That's including the huge amount of racial tension and chaos that has erupted during this challenging time.

All that aside, I'll just focus on what's happening here in my little world.

I was rather glad of the isolation and being kept indoors during lockdown here in NZ. I don't enjoy rushing around and having to fill in every hour of the day with activity. So I enjoyed the peace and quiet, and the time to contemplate and reflect.

Our street was like a ghost town, almost eery. But I did miss my family A LOT. It's so good being able to catch up with them. Yes, I got a lot of writing done, but it also made me more convinced that people in my life come first before prestige or finance. Even when I was working before I retired, my job and money were just a means to an end they weren't the goal or reason for my existence.


When I first started writing novels, I penned Romantic Suspense, but for me, only focusing on one particular genre stifled my creativity. I knew I had other genres in me and that's why I began writing Mysteries and Suspense or Cozy Mysteries.

I am embarking on compiling a series called the ANN GRIEVES MYSTERIES. The first one will be released in July called MURDER IN THE BAND ROOM and I am currently onto the second in that stand-alone series.

Ann Grieves is a retired Detective Inspector who now works for herself at a private investigator. She lives with her ex-police Beagle dog, Scout, her trusted companion. Ann had once thought she was going to enjoy a laid-back retirement strolling the promenade near her cottage by the sea while solving domestic conflicts or petty misdemeanours part-time—but that is not to be the case, as she becomes embroiled in full fledged crime investigations.

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