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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Here in New Zealand our lovely autumn has drawn to an end and the early winter rain is upon us. The house is dark and gloomy and so I look at the positive things around me that can lift my spirit.

There is always more to a woman than being a wife, mother and employee and you will come to know there is more to me than being an author as you read my blogs.

I am a passionate gardener. As I look out to my flower garden, I see the first blooms of the climbing roses I planted during the summer. These and the bush roses have new blooms and are such a delight to see in spite of the dreary rain. It is such a blessing to see and a big change from this property when we first purchased it three years ago when there was not one shrub or tree to be seen, completely barren. Now birds flock to our garden and more so when I feed them each day.

We needed the rain after months of drought. The farmers will be happy. Every cloud has a silver lining.

My Novels

During lockdown I produced three books. First my Cozy Mystery, Missing On Lion Rock set on a remote beach in Piha, New Zealand, released in April. The next was a children's picture book for my almost 3yr old grandson called Louis's Garden Party. I await the proof copy of the print book to be shipped from Australia. That will be on sale in June.

My 3rd book called Murder In The Band Room, another Cozy Mystery is in the pipeline, awaiting a cover and final proof read. This should be ready for release by end of June early July.

My novels are New Zealand brand fiction all set in NZ in local spots and many who travel here will find them familiar.

Covid 19

This has been a huge challenge for us all —some more than others and my heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones during the horrific onslaught of this cursed virus.

Here in NZ we are in Level Two which means we can now join groups of 100 but still social distancing of two metres.

I work as a volunteer for Riding for the Disabled and that's one group who is compromised and at risk. Therefore the classes have not yet been able to start.

We can now meet up with friends for a coffee or get take-aways (fish n chips) from our local village which is great. But life will not be the same again for those who have lost someone or their business.

We need to live one day at a time and take care of each other as many are not out of the woods yet.

Travel Itch

Several friends of mine are itching to travel but some who have booked trips in advance have lost a lot of money. In NZ there are fantastic deals now with campervan hire hugely discounted and so are flights and accommodation. We would love to get down to the South Island again and so may look at that. Nothing like seeing the snow on the mountains down south. The scenery is addictive and I can't wait to get down there again

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  • Patricia Snelling

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

We have been in lockdown for a month and tomorrow we'll still have to stay isolated at what they in NZ call Level 3. It has been difficult to stay focused on anything, as so much is up in the air. I try to stay positive as there are so many people in my own country that have lost their jobs and worse, family members.

Like many countries around the world, NZ has had its fair share of national disasters recently with the Christchurch terrorist shootings, the volcanic eruption of (Whakaari) White Island and now this Covid 19 enemy attack. Yet through it all, our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern has held the fort and acted bravely and responsibly. I'm so impressed and thank God for her.

When my new release, Missing On Lion Rock was due for release this month, I couldn't help but feel guilty for spending so much time trying to produce and market my new book while each night I saw the suffering and chaos in the rest of the world (as well as here). But then I was reminded that just as other businesses are fighting for survival, so must I press on. Although I don't rely on my writing as a main source my bread and butter, it's still tremendously important to me—and the extra meal out or bill paid doesn't go stray either.

Let's hope this viral war will soon be over and that in the not too distant future we can get our lives back to normal.

I'm so sorry for all of you who have lost a loved one during this horrendous time and pray you will find the hope and strength to carry on and fight the good fight.


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