The Dart River series is available now as Ebook and paperback. These novels are set in Otago, New Zealand in a rural village in the Southern Alps called Glenorchy. The landscape in this area is rugged and steep and the climate harsh—testing the livelihoods of the farmers  and often their own lives. Here we call it the high country.

Book one, When Hope Went South is about a fearless young woman who sets off on a long, arduous car trip from the North to the South Island in search of her prize pony. She experiences a turn-around in her life, in Glenorchy when she uncovers shattering family secrets.

Book two, Jessie's High Country Heart follows Jessie Lee, a young veterinarian woman who joins her friend, Hope to carve out a new life for herself amidst the bigotry and animosity of the older generation of male farmers. They resented her replacing their long-standing vet, Max after he retired. Jessie fights for survival in this hostile world against great odds.

I am busy writing the third in this stand-alone trilogy and hope to be able to release it in November.

Book three, Mack The Good Shepherd High country shepherd, Mack Reed inherits Reed Station and marries Jessie. Together the couple transform the lives of their community and family, often against all odds. Through Mack's perseverance and tolerance, he turns the heart of his embittered and angry grandfather into a man who reaches out to others and saves a marriage.