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When Detective Sergeant Tony Martin suspects his boss, Rob Dean, of tampering with evidence connected to a guard’s murder at the Port of Auckland, he has no idea the homicide is linked to a trafficking ring smuggling migrants into New Zealand. Soon after the Port killing, a neighbour discovers Tony lying in a pool of blood in his backyard. Summer, Tony’s wife, refuses to accept the police report that her husband’s assailant was a passing opportunist and carries out her own investigations. She soon becomes suspicious of Rob Dean, believing he is involved in organised crime and had possibly arranged her husband’s assassination. Summer’s experience as a crime reporter and police media advisor, plus her determination to solve her husband’s death, brings her in close union with Tony’s friend and colleague, Detective Sergeant Mick Randall. But is Mick her friend or foe?
The deepening relationship between them is about to make or break Summer.
Can a Bed and Breakfast in St Heliers Bay save the day?

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Meg had become like one of the desperate butterflies her narcissistic husband, Lyle, had trapped in a jar. While they were out fishing one day, Meg stood horrified as Lyle fell off the rocks and disappeared into the sea. Her legs froze to the spot, rendering her incapable of reaching down to help him. The shock of it all caused amnesia. She couldn't remember if she had deliberately pushed him, or he had fallen backwards. An even greater bombshell awaited her when she discovered the bully was a bigamist.

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Another Ann Grieves Mystery
What appears to be a walk in the park, turns out to be a full-blown investigation for attempted murder

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The village brass band soon learns that mayhem and murder do not make a harmonious melody, especially when the tuba player gets off on a bad note. Ann Grieves investigates.

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