I get most of my inspiration for writing from many interesting people I have met or adventures I have had that have left me with an impression. I write stories based on faith, hope and love and in particular, the ability of the oppressed to rise above their circumstances and overcome huge setbacks in their lives.
If you enjoy Small Town & Rural Fiction, wholesome Romantic Suspense and Cosy Mysteries, my books are sure to entertain you.

My hometown is near the seaside in an idyllic coastal part of New Zealand called the Hibiscus Coast which I love, surrounded by beautiful native trees and birds. This environment inspires me. 

I am passionate about the outdoors, and in New Zealand we are spoilt for lakes, mountains and forest full of wildlife. When I write, I want my readers to sense the location or setting of the story, as mostly, it will be a mountain, lake or beach that I have enjoyed.

If you enjoy light reading with encouraging happy endings, then my novels are for you.


It is a privilege for me to be able to write clean and wholesome fiction as a way of sharing my own true values and reaching others in stories that convey God's healing power, love and way of life. I write in a down-to-earth way so my stories enable readers to relate to their own struggles and hopefully encourage a spiritual solution to life's challenges. Forgiveness and love are at the core of the narratives in my novels.