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Jessie's High Country Cover Concept.png

Jessie Lee, a young female veterinarian leaves the city clinic to start a new life in the isolated rural village of Glenorchy in the Southern Alps. Her new post as a remote on-call vet is fraught with challenge, thanks to the animosity of prejudiced farmers. They resent having a female vet take over when their long-standing vet, Max retires.
Will Jessie’s determination as well as her faith win through?
She has caught the eye of an admirer. Can a woman survive in a man’s world? Can she find true love?

Jesse’s High Country Heart has an interesting plot, enhanced by meaningful themes about relying on God in hardship and finding strength in relationships. But it is the setting that really makes the story sparkle. Immersive descriptions of majestic mountains, bustling ranches, and tranquil rivers transport the reader to the New Zealand High Country until it’s easy to picture oneself horseback riding with Jessie and Hope or bumping along a dusty farm road in a Land Rover.

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