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REED has dreams of giving up working as a shearing contractor to buy a high country station. MACK Perhaps it's only a pipedream and how will he ever find that kind of money?
When he moves to Glenorchy, a remote high country region in the Southern Alps, his luck changes—or is it divine intervention? He tries to form a relationship with his grandfather, Walter who is embittered by a longstanding feud between Mack's father, and himself. When his pipedream becomes reality and he is offered the role of Manager on Walter’s large merino and cattle farm, Reed Station, Mack thinks he has bitten off more than he can chew. He has a shepherd's heart full of generosity and love, not only for the animals in his care, but also for his family and community. When his sister, Meg moves to Glenorchy, her unruly behaviour offends the local farmers and threatens to ruin the new life Mack has as newlywed to Jessie, the Remote Vet. The life that is beyond his wildest dreams now comes crashing down. How is he going to heal the feud between his father and grandfather and prevent his sister from destroying the respect and admiration he has earned from his farming community?

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