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When Laura McKenzie returns to Kawau Island with her friend Cass to live in her grandmother’s empty cottage, it is a dream come true. Her dream turns into a nightmare as she begins to reject the police report that the old woman had drowned.
There has to be another reason for her mysterious disappearance.
Branson Colby, the Park Ranger catches Laura’s eye when he offers to assist her in solving the crime. Then the macabre discovery of a body turns her life upside down. As she becomes embroiled in a full-scale crime investigation, it is unsafe for her to stay on the island.
Can the charming ranger help her to uncover the truth before she flees the island? He would have to find a way or lose a chance at new-found love.

The story takes place around on Kawau Island in the Hauraki Gulf in New Zealand, where Laura spent a lot of time on the island visiting her grandparents during the school holidays. Now she is returning to the island to search for clues as to what really happened to her grandmother, Nan who supposedly mysteriously disappeared while out fishing in her small boat. Laura's mother, as next of kin, allowed Laura to move into her grandmother's cottage to take care of it until Nan was declared dead by the coroner. Laura jumped at the chance to live on the island again. She remembered so many wonderful times she had stayed with her grandparents in their humble home in Schoolhouse Bay. But sadness surrounded Laura as she recalled all the happy memories that had come to an abrupt end.
There are many twists and turns that happen in this novel, as Laura and Cass live their lives on the island and all the exciting things that happen to them.

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