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Ruby Preston sets off on a perilous journey from New Zealand through Australia, South East Asia and England. When she joins the team at her parents' charity, a safe house for trafficked children her co-worker, Julian Page falls for her. Can their budding friendship survive the stresses and strains of conflicting career paths? Will he win her heart or fade into insignificance when she decides to return to New Zealand

Rescue Net is a heart-warming story about a group of people who really want their life to have mattered and help others. Three generations have already taken the reins and led the work at Rescue Net and other similar agencies. Now that Ruby has qualified as a Social Worker, she is ready to help out.

Ruby arrives at Rescue Net where they work behind the scenes to rescue children who are being trafficked in the child sex trade. The book is exciting, but never shows anything crass or vulgar. These are wonderful people who risk their lives to save suffering of others! And of course a wonderful love story develops between some of the young workers! The story is written with several additional story lines. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.  

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